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China Daily Group
From print to digital media, from China to America, Europe, Africa and the rest of Asia, the China Daily Group, with 13 print publications, is an authoritative provider of information, analysis, comment and entertainment to global readers with a special focus on China.
While China Daily has firmly established itself as the leading English-language news organization in China since its founding in 1981, the group also publishes the Hong Kong, US, European, African and Asia-Pacific editions of the flagship brand with a total circulation of 800,000.
The group’s digital-media arm has eight website clusters and three mobile platforms, which provide a cutting edge for the group’s development.
The readership, both in China and the rest of the world, is mainly high-level officials, diplomats, executives and academics. 
The group is accelerating its pace of overseas expansion through its global reporting and communication networks, and in the process, building a world-class multimedia enterprise.
Launched in 1995, the first national English-language website has become a comprehensive multimedia outlet and China’s most influential English-language Web portal. It has an average of more than 46 million page views per day. With more than 30 subsidiary websites and 300 channels, the China Daily website provides 24-hour authoritative information services about China to Web users around the world though multiple channels.
Overseas subsidiaries of the China Daily website include those for the US, European, Asia-Pacific and African editions, catering to the demands of Web users in these regions. 
China Daily mobile platforms include news apps, multimedia messaging service, mobile TV, mobile animation, mobile reading and mobile websites.
China Business Search 
China Business Search, powered by MyTong, serves as a tool for readers of who want to get specific information about a company, person or event. Via this search engine, you can also get all the information that has ever been published on about products, regions, government departments, policies, industries and data.