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Government budget
Government budget
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Supervising government spending with a budget law would be a good start to force the government to save money. Eighty-two departments of the Chinese central government reduced their spending on receptions, vehicles and overseas travel by 420 million yuan ($68.4 million) in 2012. This represents 6.75 percent of their budgets.
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  • (Xinhua)1988-01-26 00:00

    TOKYO (Agencies via Xinhua) - The Japanese Government yesterday approved an economic outlook for fiscal 1988 aiming at a real growth rate of 3.8 per cent, up from the 3.5 per cent projected for fiscal 1987, officials said.The outlook for the year starting April 1 was approved at an extraordinary c...

  • (Xinhua)1987-12-05 00:00

    WASHINGTON (Agencies via Xinhua) - The House of Representatives on Thursday approved a $587 billion US Government spending bill by a vote of 248-170 and sent it to the Senate.The bill would push Congress to meet its government budget deficit reduction goals, but also risks a presidential veto beca...

  • (China Daily)1987-07-24 00:00

    Despite a drive launched at the beginning of the year to slash public expenditures, China is still haunted by excessive government spending.During the first six months of this year, the amount of the country's public purchases grew by 22.6 per cent over a year ago. This meant an additional expenditu...

  • (China Daily)1984-11-22 00:00

    While encouraging people to increase consumption to boost production, China has called for more effective control of government expenditure, Xinhua reports.A new State Council circular calls for attention to the "sharp increases in government expenditure" since the beginning of this year. It partly ...

  • (Xinhua)1984-06-23 00:00

    China allocated more funds to speed up the development of industry, agriculture, cultural pursuits, education, science and public health in the first five months of this year than in the same period of 1983, the Ministry of Finance reported on Thursday.During the period, 1.51 billion more yuan (abou...

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