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Air pollution
Air pollution
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Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli has called for resolute and steady efforts to combat air pollution in heavily-polluted areas surrounding the country's capital. The six regions, all located in the northern part of China, suffer the most from heavy air pollution,including capital Beijing, municipality Tianjin, provinces of Hebei, Shanxi and Shandong and Inner Mongolia autonomous region. A total of 13 monitored cities in the region had about 20 of the 31 days in August failing to meet the required standards, said the Ministry of Environmental Protection. According to Zhang, a list of ten cities with the best air quality and ten with the worst will be published each month.
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  • By Fung Keung(China Daily)2016-05-12 08:29

    About 5,000 metric tons of tiny poisonous particulates (called PM2.5) are emitted annually into Hong Kong's air. Thousands of people, particularly the elderly, are dying every year from inhaling the city's dirty air. A 13-year study by researchers at the University of Birmingham and the University o...

  • By Zhang Yu And Wang Wei In Langfang, Hebei(China Daily)2016-04-15 07:38

    A polluted river in Hebei province that turned red-brown this month is undergoing treatment and further analysis, said a local environmental protection authority. The Zhongting River, 100 kilometers south of Beijing in Shengfang town, Bazhou, was polluted by wastewater containing iron ions released ...

  • By Agencies In Mexico City(China Daily)2016-03-18 08:09

    Authorities in greater Mexico City extended an air pollution alert for a fourth day, as smog levels improved slightly but pollution remained at almost 1.5 times acceptable limits in some areas. The city's first air pollution alert in 11 years resulted in a driving ban that kept hundreds of thousand...

  • By Zhao Qingchun(China Daily)2016-03-07 09:02

  • By Siva Sankar(China Daily)2016-01-22 08:32

    The findings of the Beijing-inspired Jan 1-15 trial car ban in polluted New Delhi and surrounding areas are not yet out. When they become available, smog-hit Beijing might like to review them. Beijing and New Delhi, besides being national capitals, are comparable in terms of population (22 million ...

  • By Bai Ping(China Daily)2016-01-13 08:08

    If you have to drive to work or get your child to school in your car, think about traffic restrictions that will kick your car off the road at least one day every week. In Beijing, private drivers who defy the car ban in response to air pollution and traffic congestion risk a 100-yuan ($15) fine eac...

  • (China Daily)2016-01-06 08:21

    Seemingly better air quality statistics are cold comfort for Chinese people who have a huge stake in terms of their health in the country's ongoing campaign against air pollution, which could last for years. So instead of breathing a sigh of relief, policymakers should focus on taking more concrete ...

  • (China Daily)2015-12-21 08:34

    The frequency of severe smog seems to have made emergency measures to lessen the pollution's impact part of life for Beijing residents nowadays. However, the report that more than 20,000 cars were found driving on the capital's roads on Saturday, ignoring the ban on vehicles according to their lice...

  • (China Daily)2015-12-15 08:05

    The CCTV headquarters is shrouded in heavy smog in the central business district in Beijing, China Dec 7, 2015.[Photo/Xinhua]The ministry of environmental protection has published the air quality rankings for 74 cities. A People's Daily opinion article reviewed the past promises made by several mayo...

  • By Zheng Jinran(China Daily)2015-12-14 08:06

    Northeast hit hardest by smog; Shenyang worst among 74 cities Recent spells of severe smog engulfing northeastern and northern regions of China contributed to November's alarming rise in pollution levels, according to the nation's top environmental watchdog. Beijing saw its readings of PM2.5 - hazar...

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