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Bitcoin, a form of digital e-money stored in a virtual wallet, came to the Chinese public eye in April.The "currency" has been heating up ever since and its price once rose from 3,000 yuan to nearly 7,000 yuan in weeks. The US Senate recently described Bitcoin as a "legitimate financial service".
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  • (China Daily)2017-12-01 06:21

    As the value of bitcoins hits a milestone worldwide, the tussle over the digital currency fad continues. Duan Ting reports. Despite a clampdown by Chinese mainland regulators on the cryptocurrency craze, eye-catching virtual currency deals and record-shattering ICOs based on blockchain technology ha...

  • (China Daily)2017-11-16 06:17

    Celebrated Anglo-Irish playwright Oscar Wilde said "an idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all", but an idea that is off the hook from the realms of legal regulation could be dangerous. This is the case with initial coin offerings (ICOs). A frenzy of "investor" speculat...

  • By Song Jingli( 17:41

    A robot is displayed at a news conference in Beijing, March 30, 2017. [Photo/IC] Fifty percent of the global gross domestic product will derive from the digital economy, with the percentage in China to potentially hit 55 percent, predicted Wu Lianfeng, vice-president of the market research company I...

  • (China Daily)2017-10-25 07:23

    "In an unscientific survey carried out by CNBC this week, nearly half of the more than 23,000 people who voted said bitcoin is heading to over $10,000." - Arjun Kharpal, reporter of CNBC “美国财经频道CNBC本周进行的一项非科学调查显示,在2.3万多人的投票中,近一半的...

  • By Zhu Lingqing( 17:22

    While Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) have been banned by Chinese authorities since Sept 4, experts, scholars, and companies from more than 40 countries gathered at a workshop in Beijing, the country's capital city, from Thursday to Friday, to chart a course for digital fiat currency issued by central ...

  • By Wang Yanfei(China Daily)2017-10-14 09:10

    The People's Bank of China (PBOC) is seen in this photo taken on June 12 in Beijing. [Photo/Xinhua]The People's Bank of China, China's central bank, has completed trial runs on the algorithms needed for digital currency supply, taking it a step closer to addressing the technological challenges assoc...

  • By Luo Jie(China Daily)2017-10-13 08:01

  • (China Daily)2017-09-29 09:22

    Events and stories coming up in the next few days NBS to release key gauge of manufacturing activity On Friday, the National Bureau of Statistics will release the purchasing managers' index for September. The index is an indicator of manufacturing activity. The manufacturing PMI came in at 51.7 last...

  • By Wu Yiyao In Shanghai(China Daily)2017-09-28 07:21

    BTC China, one of China's largest online cryptocurrency trading platforms, ended its top-up business at noon on Wednesday, and said it would cease all transactions from noon on Saturday. The platform said in a statement that the moves are to meet the requirements of a joint announcement by seven gov...

  • By Harvey Morris(China Daily)2017-09-23 08:33

    Trading volume on China's major Bitcoin exchanges has plunged in the past week, since authorities tightened regulation of the digital currency. [Photo/VCG]By putting restrictions on the trading of the online crypto-currencies generically known as bitcoin, China appears to have moved ahead of the cur...

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