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Hukou is a household registration record officially identifies a person as a resident of an area and includes identifying information such as name, parents, spouse, and date of birth.
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  • By Du Juan(China Daily)2016-11-09 07:43

    As the capital's population grows the city government is facing a growing challenge arising from the application of the household registration system. Du Juan reports. Editor's note: This is the first in a series of reports looking at the effects of hukou, China's household registration system, on t...

  • By Du Juan(China Daily)2016-11-09 07:43

    Education Children with Beijing hukou can attend local public primary schools at no cost. Children without hukou have to pay between 20,000 yuan ($2,950) and 250,000 yuan to qualify for enrollment at public primary schools. The children of wealthy parents can attend private international schools at ...

  • (China Daily)2016-10-20 08:27

    A NUMBER OF CHINESE CITIES have released their draft plans on regulating car-hailing services, requiring drivers on ride-sharing platforms such as Didi Chuxing have a local household registration, or hukou, to stay in the business. commented on Tuesday: The proposed harsh restrictio...

  • (China Daily)2016-10-14 08:00

    In a timely and necessary move to remove the obstacles that prevent migrant workers from settling down in the cities where they work, the General Office of the State Council, China's Cabinet, recently stated that big and medium-sized cities should not set a time limit on the participation in local s...

  • By Fan Feifei(China Daily)2016-10-14 07:34

    Taxies wait for passengers at the Qingdao railway station on Oct 7, 2016. [Photo by Huang Jiexian/For China Daily]China Ever bright Bank's financial leasing arm will invest 5 billion yuan ($743 million) in Pang Da Automobile Trade Co Ltd's (PD Group) car-hailing app Dingding Yueche, further intensif...

  • By Zhu Wei(China Daily)2016-10-11 07:53

    On Saturday, the governments in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen released draft rules on car-hailing services to solicit public opinions. According to the draft rules released by the four first-tier cities, most vehicles endorsed by the ride-sharing platforms such as Didi-Uber will no long...

  • ( 15:14

    Should the car-hailing drivers be required to have local household registration, or hukou? Yes.No.Not sure.

  • (Xinhua)2016-10-10 13:45

    BEIJING - Regulators in major Chinese cities rolled out strict requirements for car-hailing services Saturday, causing nationwide repercussions and doubts over their sustained operation. Transport authorities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the four most developed cities in China, sepa...

  • (China Daily)2016-10-10 07:59

    The governments in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen released draft rules on car-hailing services on Saturday. The rules require drivers to have a local household registration, or hukou, and vehicles with local car plates, if they want to stay in the car-hailing business. According to the ...

  • (Xinhua)2016-10-09 15:05

    SHANGHAI -- In an effort to stabilize its red-hot property market, Shanghai has adopted a set of measures, including increasing land supply and strengthening supervision of capital.According to the measures published on Saturday, the city will increase the supply of land for commercial housing const...

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