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Flammable ice
Flammable ice
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Methane clathrate, also know as flammable ice, methane hydrate, hydromethane, methane ice, fire ice, natural gas hydrate, or gas hydrate, is a solid clathrate compound (more specifically, a clathrate hydrate) in which a large amount of methane is trapped within a crystal structure of water, forming a solid similar to ice.
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  • (China Daily)2014-09-17 07:06

    Gas hydrate, also called flammable ice or fire ice, is an icelike substance with natural gas locked inside under high-pressure and low-temperature conditions. If gas hydrate is warmed or decompressed, it can quickly expand to 164 times its volume, breaking up into water and natural gas. Gas hydrat...

  • By Wang Qian(China Daily)2014-09-17 07:06

    China will begin commercial production of gas hydrate - an enormous, untapped energy source in permafrost and ocean sediments - around 2030 as it tries to diversify its energy mix by tapping into unconventional sources. Li Jinfa, deputy director of China Geological Survey, said that with consistent...

  • By Lyu Chang(China Daily)2014-02-13 08:27

    Locked within frozen rock under the Qinghai-Tibet plateau and deep beneath the South China Sea, methane hydrate, also known as "flammable ice", is called the king of all energies. With its potential reserves twice as much as fossil fuel, this new source of natural gas, often trapped in ice-like crys...

  • By Wang Qian(China Daily)2013-12-18 08:14

    A research team has found China's most promising natural gas hydrate deposits under the Pearl River, improving chances the icelike formations will ease the country's energy shortages, scientists said on Tuesday. The discovery showed about 150 billion cubic meters of natural gas hydrates, also calle...

  • (Xinhua)2009-11-19 11:13

    China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), the country's leading oil and gas producer, told Xinhua Wednesday it has taken active measures to raise gas supply and meet rising market demand triggered by heavy snows and falling temperatures. CNPC figures revealed that daily natural gas consumption vo...

  • By Wang Qian(China Daily)2009-09-26 08:01

    China has confirmed the existence of gas hydrates, a potential energy resource, in western China tundras, becoming the world's third country to confirm its finding after United States and Canada. The hydrates were found in the permanently frozen subsoil to the south of Qilian Mountain in Qinghai pro...

  • By Hu Yinan(China Daily)2007-06-18 07:02

    With its successful discovery of natural gas hydrate samples last week, China's distant energy future might be brighter.The nation became only the fourth country to make such a technological breakthrough and it did so with the least amount of time and money - 500 million yuan over eight years. Gas h...

  • 2007-06-06 11:10

    China announced yesterday it had made a breakthrough inexcavating natural gas hydrate, the so-called "flammable ice",which is believed to be a potential natural energy source.Zhang Hongtao, deputy director-general of China GeologicalSurvey (CGS), said gas hydrate samples were successfully collectedf...

1-10 of 8 results