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YaoYao Taxi
YaoYao Taxi
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Developed by Beijing Juhezhongxin Information Technology Co Ltd, YaoYao Taxi relies on its comprehensive rating and guarantee system to avoid breaching appointment. It has also formed a strategic partnership with official government taxi-hailing service 96109.
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  • By Zhou Wanfeng(China Daily)2000-07-27 00:00

    The spotlight and all eyes were fixed on Wang Hongwei, who became too emotional to speak.Wang was the top folk song singer in the ninth National Young Singers Competition that ended earlier this month.The 32-year-old was competing for the viewers' award among nine prize winners at China Central Tele...

  • (Xinhua)1994-11-05 00:00

    Going DutchA DUTCH international consulting and engineering company opened offices in Beijing and Shanghai yesterday. The company, named DHV group, will provide China with more expertise in water quality and waste water treatment, the environment, industrial and commercial building, transport and in...

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